Wednesday, April 28, 2004

it is sunny. i am in new york with lara and hazel and the cutest handbag in the world. i have just bought a ticket to see patti smith. i couldnt be happier

new york is


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

mass emails 

i really hate sending them, and now its really hard to do so, yahoo has some anti spam stuff that means an email to everyone in an address book can't be done. this got sent back from a lot of people as well so in case anyone didnt get it i dont want you feeling left out, although on reflection maybe i should be more careful about telling the world i've been hallucinating

dear friends

please forgive me sending another joint email, i hope
you understand given the circumstances.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their sweet words
and thoughts and deeds and let you know that i'm ok.
theres no lasting damage except a small scar on my
forehead; when i got my Stitches put i went top the
wrong hospital and freaked a little. the nurse
instisted on taking me to dinner on her day off so i
could see the real south. nothing is all bad; i'm
learning a lot and so happy to be here.

Theres a tiredness deep in my bones now but apart from
that i'm fine I made my pilgrimage to graceland and
sun and stax; it all seemed a little unreal, feelings
enhanced by painkillers which have left me somewhat
woozy but I'm sure elvis would not want it any other

the drugs have been giving me interesting visions; i
had a sensastion of falling and then bouncing like on
a giant trampoline. when i looked down i was
surrounded by a circle of people; some of them i knew
others seemed familiar but i had never seen them
before. they were holding red ribbons, everyones
ribbons were woven together in beautiful patterns;
this is what was holding me up and i knew that these
ribbons were love and dreams and positive energy made
manifest and this what there is and why even miles
from everyone and everywhere i love i have never felt
alone; there's a huge web of love and
interconnectedness in the universe and its all about
people, not god or fate but us and it all will be ok.
maybe this is nonsense but its comforting to me and it
feels like a truth and i wanted to share it.

and you are good people and i love you. thanks so

i'm going to boston now (every cloud etc; i'm not
scared about flying for once) and on the 19th i'll be
in new york. I'll try and blog some experiences; been
writing a lot becuase it helps but i promise not to
plauge your inboxes with any more visions. twang is at
www.twangorama.blogspot.com. even if i dont get a
chance to reply for a bit i'm so glad to hear from
you. sorry if i've rambled or spelt badly (how long
can i blame the drugs for my ramblings?)

much love and peace
morag xx



4 days to go till i'm 30. i think this is supposed to feel significant but it dosen't, although i'm slightly surprised i'm here at all. i've got no job, no lover, no money and i'm miles from home. it feels pretty bloody fantastic.

if anyone feels moved to buy me a present and is stuck for ideas please make me dinner sometime; i'll be poor and hungry when i get back to blighty. or, less selfishly, please make a donation to the red cross, becuase their volunteers were very kind to me (although i'm still bewildered as to why they gave me a toy bear when i asked for someone to talk to) said bear has now been devoured by the adorable susie. i tried to give it back so it could be passed onto someone who would appreciate it but the lady said i should give it to daisy becuase she was so great - which is true, but she's also not a bear person. but i knew her puppy dog would love such an object to death.

money's a funny thing. this escapade has left me skint - i knew it would, to me money is something that lets you have experiences and i've never aspired to be financially rich, as y'all know i'm a useless old hippy that cant be trusted not to blow any cash i have on music and beer. there were scumbaggy lawyer types crawlking around jackson talking about lawsuits and big bucks and to me this seemed wrong, dirty and immoral. their manner was horrible btw - nasty men in flash suits, very very pushy, they could see i was vulnerable and decided this must mean i was stupid too - happily i'm not and didnt fall for their nasty bullshit and ridiculous promises. however, i am starting to think maybe i do need a lawyer and i should do something - if everyone else is doing it why shouldn't i - i permitted myself a little daydream if i did get money. the house/car/flash stuff dymanic has never appealed to me but i'd love to get twang printed on nice paper, maybe get an eight track and a computer that works....

i wish there was an american equivalent of the CAB, becuase i feel like i need some independent legal advice. if anyone reading this has any ideas i'd be really greatful.


cliches ahoy 

so many of them turn out to be true. like how the worst times bring out the best in people.

and the things you hear about the south. in jackson the hotel buffet included fried tomatoes, fried okra, fried yam, fried catfish and friend chops. and pulled yardbird is a legitimate pizza topping. i'm so grateful that mashed potatoes are a universal comfort food

jesus is everywhere, literally. even the ER crew kept telling me how blessed i am; i wasn't in the mood for theological discussions and curiously it was quite comforting in a strange way to start with, then it started to make me feel slightly akward, the way its seeped into everything and the christian hegemony is just accepted and it's supposed everyone will agree.

southern friendliness and hospitality; thats another cliche that was proved right too. for example, the nurse who took my stitches out insisted on taking me out to dinner on her day off and giving me on a tour of places in memphis that i wouldn't normally get to see. We visited a little village that was the scene of a lot of civil war drama (erm. i'll add the name when it comes back to me) and then had mexican food with her cousin and friend. extraordinarily kind and a lot of fun too.


i'm in new york 

and i love it - i'd forgotten how energising this city is. I'm staying at the gershwin hotel if anyone needs me (they have website and all - i dont think this is too much info for stalkers seeing as you'd have to know my name to get me room number.) at the moment i'm sharing a bunk bed with a male model called joshua - he is on top of course. he's quite sweet but not my type; all he seems to do is watch sports tv and holler down his cell phone. and spend a very long time in the bathroom. i'm reminded about how true beauty isnt the kind that makes its way into magazines and jeans commercials. (this is of course standard ugly persons philosophy - like all the nonsense about scars shaping us and personality being what counts) One of the biggest lessons i've been learning on this trip has been about the body - its fraility and preciousness. i've been running on instinct a lot, its served me pretty well but its strange how when i got on the train i didn't have the slightest inkling - i was sorry to leave daisy but no more so than other friends in other cities - i had been sitting in the lounge car watching mississippi go by, thinking how magnificently green it is - really lush, vivid, quite amazing. when we crossed the swamp i saw something and wondered if it really was an alligator or just a trick of the light, and then idly i pondered how i could turn all the ideas in my head into a way of making a living - this and how crap the film was, full of stereotypical romantic nonsense, that's what i was thinking of when everything quite literally turned upside down.



i can blog again...had all kinds of computer kerfuffles, plus yahoo has been swallowing emails at random. bugger. anyhow, hopefully its back


the wisdom of rufus (who i hope dosent mind me stealing his emails) 

"I saw a bit on the news about it. Apparently, she was on the City of New Orleans train. So, the situation obviously sucks, but Morag if anybody can appreciate the unique situation of visiting the united states and being injurred in the derailment of an Arlo Guthrie song."

actaully, this is just one of many funny or wise or sweet things people have said to me. my friends are truly fantastic. i just hope at some point i get to repay the kindness shown to me.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

so i've made it to memphis. i have a tiredness deep in my bones and i'm aching like fuck. but i made it to memphis.

i will write more soon. theres a really friendly internet cafe right by the hotel; i'm here now but i wont stay long becuase i just bumped into an english guy called mike who i met on the bus to t or c and then later in austin - he's been in florida and we sat and chatted for a while which has left me exhausted. but it was great to see a familar face - he said he recognised my coat and thought "it can't be" but it was and i'm glad he stopped to say hi. i dont think he was expecting quite as much drama from me as he got!

yesterday was a low. i saw the train. but i got the bus. and i made it to memphis. i'm going to go to the store, gather supllies and head back to my room. i'm at the sleep in at court square, memphis if anyone needs me.

thank you to everyone who has called or mailed or done kind things. i really do appreciate it; even when things have been shit i have never felt alone or unloved. i'm just hoping one day i can find enough ways to demonstrate this to y'all.

i'm sorry i had to send a mass email again, but i hope you understand in the circumstances.

i dont know what will be open tomorrow - and i have to go to get my stitches taken out - so if i dont get to say it before HAPPY EASTER. i'm going to treat myself to the biggest chocolate egg ever.

much love

morag xx


Thursday, April 08, 2004


i just saw some photos of the wreck, my mind is all befuddled now but you can click on the i have a snake link becuase daisy has blogged them. i was in the lounge car, which is the fourth from the front i believe. now i have to go and swear a lot and have a lie down. fuck i'm lucky.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

yahoo won't let me send any more mails until tomorrow. bugger. it seems to think i'm a spammer.


really me this time, alive and well. 

hiya, as some of you know i was on the train from new orleans to memphis which was derailed. horrible, scary time,and strangely ironic given all my recent jubilations about my trip and the joys of the american public transport system. oh, and my blogging about how we should all enjoy life because we never know when its about to be turned (quite literally) upside down.

anyhow, i'm fine. i got out ok. it could have been so much worse; we had just passed over the not very welcoming big black river and were crossing a swamp but luckily the train fell the other way and we fell onto an embankment. It all happened so fast; i had been thinking how vivid and luscious the mississippi woods are how how crap the movie in the lounge car was; i was sriting notes on my hand and thinking about dinner when there was a juddering then a rumbkling and i flew across the lounge, landing on the ceiling. we couldnt get out; some guys managed to get a window out and helped me down, i hurt but knew it was not so serious so helped some lost kids and distributed water and calmed down some lost japenese ladies; then people kept hollering me becuase my head was bleeding. eventually i wound up strapped to a board on the tracks; this was when it got scary, it was getting dark and suddenly i was helpless, couldnt move but i knew the pain levels were less intense than when i broke my arm so i just had to hold on. listened and watched and held on before a very bumpy truck and then ambuslance ride; emergency room people were very sweet and lovely. a big yay for all emergency people

i've got some stiches on my forhead - will have another lovely scar to show - and a bust lip. my front tooth is wobbling but i'm trying to ignore it. i ache like fuck everywhere, but especially my lower back and knees and i have the most amazing bruise collection. and i'm slightly hyper now, probably due to the drug cocktail i've been given.

but the most important and wonderful thing is i'm alive and i'm going to be ok. dont know whats happening with my trip - but goddam i'm going to graceland and then there will be the best birthday party ever in nyc. i need to celebrate. i guess all the technical stuff will flow tomorrow; amtrak got us a hotel and food but their communication has not been great. I told them i would give them my plans tomorrow; i need time and sleep and rest. the shock has not really sunk in yet.

i'll blog some more details to save inboxes; shit i really wanted a quiet trip this time. apparently i was on the news, lots of people have been checking on me becuase they saw pictures and i guess the blood looked pretty dramatic. i am such a media whore (although i have turned down interview requests)

daisy just got here from new orleans - it was so wonderful to see her, and not just becuase she bought the essentials: clean clothes, tea bags, alchohol and chocolate. a friend indeed. i must thank her, and also kellie who sent the previous email on my behalf. stars the both of them. and thanks to all who have emailed me. many people have been very sweet; again the worst really does bring out the best in people.

just to reiterate: i'm a little battered and bruised but i'm going to be fine.

much love
morag xx


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

silk screen printing 

does anybody know how to do this? would you like to teach me? please?


best billboard ever? 

just spotted. a picture of a woman clutching her heart and the slogan "is it love? or a heart attack? call 911"

theres a couple of good shop fronts too: shoe-numi and mothercluckers


supermodel did i mean superficial 

my tiara broke in seattle.
the glitter fell out of my bubble ring in flagstaff.
my sore face is drawing me towards a zapatista tribute balaclava.
its an identity crisis and i feel fine lalala



i have bought my ticket home, may 10th if you would like to start preapring the bunting and firecrackers. The next few weeks probably look like this: memphis, atlanta, boston, nyc, lancaster, philly, home. has anyone been to boston? i'd really like to know; i have a few days between atlanta and ny and will be taking the train up the east coast.

on the offchance anyone is feeling flush or frivolorous or in need of escape i think a few people are coming to new york to meet up at the end of the month. the more the merrier....


thank you 

to daisy, who has an edearing habit of calling herself a crackhead, despite the fact she has never smoked crack.

i keep saying dude. it sounds silly coming from me. i also seem to have picked up "i hear ya" and "right on"


new orleans day by day 

friday 26th i arrived here in the middle of the night after the train was delayed by about 3 hours. minor panic ensued when i couldnt get hold of daisy - i had to call kellie in denver, as you do - but all was well and on wlecoming me into her apartment she gave me a glass of wine, which i promptly spilled. i was good for nothing except sleep.

saturday 27th was my first day proper; i explored the french quarter and was quite charmed by it. much smaller, friendlier and more varied than i imagined. also much less leery and aggressively drunk, even later on in the day (although with 24 hour bars some people didn't appear to ever need to sleep it off. i felt quite the happy lightweight). Actually, I only had one drink on saturday, not counting more daisy wine. I found a bar that looked lone woman friendly - i've gotten quite good at scoping - and went to order a g and t. A very drunk and hideously perspiring man in a baseball hat pushes past and says "how much would one of those be?" I already have my money out to give to the bar tender when he thrusts a $10 at her and tells he he'll get mine, have one too and she can keep the change. Its $2 drink so that's a decent tip. My heart sinks, i try to protest, not because i wouldn't like a free drink but because i fear the cost will be too high. The barmaid gives me a sympathetic look and says "you've made a friend" Mr drunk snarls and says "not a friend. just a drinking buddy" I say "oh good. please excuse me, i need the bathroom" When i get back he is bugging someone else and two really smart and funny women from portland come in and start talking to me. They don't share my belief that portland has more attractive people than anywhere else i've seen

Sunday 28th we went to Tickfaw; the tale has already been told by both me and daisy (still weird reading shared memories and comments this way)

Monday 29th there was a torrential storm; i spent most of the day burrowing through the massive stash of free magazines i accumulated at sxsw

tuesday 30th i went to the dermatologist about my face; it was looking and feelind terrible. she told me i have a virus, the name of which i've forgotten and gave me 3 prescriptions totally $168. ouch. on the upside she said i must be in pretty good nick on the whole because i didn't get sickness or fever as is normal. Afterwards i went into the quarter again, primarily to suck up some more inspiration from galleries. I especially wanted to see the George Rodrigue gallery (see georgerodrigue.com) because the blue dog makes me smile.

i also went to the pharmaceutical museum which was grimly fascinating; lots of tephaning and amputation instruments and dubious remedies. And a genuine old soda fountain which made me chuckle. They also had some information on sun ray treatment, and an old machine, like the one that used to found in our house. I took a few pictures; i hope they come out ok

Wednesday daisy dropped me off at the cemetery first thing. New Orleans is below sea level so graves have to be above ground so bodies don't get washed away. Of course, this is also the land of lestat and marie larue and a million wonderful old legends; the graveyards are very beautiful, some lovely architecture, slowing decaying next to some luscious plants. At the risk of sounding like a smiths song i find such places strangely uplifting. I think as a society we have a very strange relationship to death. On the one hand it is everywhere in the media but also oddly sanitised; we are dissociated from the reality which is painful but inevitable and trying to pretend we can live forever. what if we accept we will die and that's it, and just get on and live.

afterwards i wandered at random up magazine street, chosen in part because the band (probably not eponymous) long time favourites. (top song imho: model worker)
On my way back to daisy's he neighbour was sat on his porch enjoying the sunshine. He invited me in and I ended up having an excellent time eating cheese and drinking wine with two of the campest men i've met for a long time. They had some stories to tell. And i know one shouldn't go into strangers houses but its instinct innit? and they were daisy's neighbours, not that I would suggest for a minute going into the houses next door to mine.

The highlight of thursday for me was going to the launderette. Daisy dropped me off at luckys, which is a 24 hour pool hall, bar and launderette. what a fantastic idea. The barman was ace; he greeted us with "welcome to your new living room!" and a bunch of quarters. Its kind of a divey looking place, and i was slightly pertubed as i put my laundry in and a somewhat disheveled old guy started asking me a lot of questions and telling me about tourists getting murdered in gruesome ways. I went to sit at the bar; the barman called the guy assorted american swear words (not on account of what he said to me, butwhat he had said to him) Then another old guy comes and sits by me; we get talking about the music that's playing and he tells me he's worked with willie nelson for 17 years and i just sit back and listen to his yarns until his friends come along and we all start telling jokes.

after a bit the barman and i start chatting about the usual - where you from, where you going etc and then, this will sound leery but it wasn't, it was totally not a chat up or anything - and says "you're a very sweet woman, you know."
me: "oh, er, thanks. I'm just me"
him: "i know. but i can just tell, the way you are with people"
me: "thats nice, i don't feel the most confident at the moment" (waves at my scabby face)
him: "See, we look past that here. I judge by peoples eyes, and words and actions. and you are lovely. besides, i've had far worse than that so i know what its like."
we talk abit more and then he leans over the bar and kisses my forehead.

then a very loud, very passionate blues band starts playing on a sage, so tiny i never noticed it before.pretty much everyone in the room is a musician and they were great, although i suddenly remembered my washing and that i was supposed to call daisy.... she and jeff appeared, as if by magic, not long afterwards, and we moved on to igors to play pool somewhere more peaceful. A fantastic day was capped off by me potting four in a row, all of them my balls and none of them white. yay for me.

Friday we went to another statepark, St Bernards. More swamps, this time with turtles and fish and best of all susie who ran into the water, looked horrified at not being on land, dashed back out, realsied it wasn't so bad after all and then plunged back in and swam about for a bit before emerging with weeds drooping out of her mouth. She smelt pretty bad but was oh so cute. In the evening we went to see Jeffs brothers band; they were fun in a happy, thrashey way; they had a song about stabbing yourself in the stomach which i especially liked.

saturday i went uptown to auborn park. everywhere proclaims they have "live oaks" which i find amusing; don't see many dead one's in parks. This does seem to be a city of misspells signs, and most especially superfluous comas and speech marks. (yes, I know i'm a hypocrite here) It was also my nans birthday - she is such an amazing woman, and was sad not to be sharing it with her.

Sunday i wanted to see the voodoo museum, it was a bit of a let down really, piles of interesting stuff but not much context. Its a fascinating religion, much maligned and i'm struck by so many similarities with paganism. I found one of the private shops more interesting; i had a long chat with a woman who makes dolls there. There's also a lot of very dubious tourist trap gimmicks of course, but I'd be lying if I didn't confess to being at least a little tempted to try and fix my life by magical potion. There was a public ritual later on at night but we chose to have a nice dinner and go home instead.

I also saw some more art - the galleries here range from the dreadful to the inspired - i especially like rev finster and clementine hunter; I'll try and add some links and probably get round to finishing some thoughts on folk art; i'll probably write it on the train today and blog in about 3 years time. I'm getting in need of breakfast now so i'll hurry along

monday i wnet back to the doctors. i saw a different guy; he was disconcertingly cheerful "howdy doody; what the jimminy cricket do we have here?" I commited a terrible mistake; i didnt ask many questions, i was kind of swept up in his manner so when he said i needed a "jab in yo butt" i didnt doubt this was right - plus, i'm getting despearte, although my skin is better it now looks like terrible sunburn. So, he gave me some "pills with more whack in them" ($46) and the nurse gave me an injection which hurt a lot.

later i got disturbed and annoyed at myslef for not knowing what they put in me; sod antibiotics, its probably some foreign subversive tracking device. aaaargh! To consoll myself i had a veggie burrito and bought a pack of old photos from a thrift shop


music stuff 

i can't belive its ten years since kurt cobain died. i remember clearly because i was recovering from some jerk assualting me in a shitty nightclub; probably not a bloggable story....bob copper has died. respect due. see thecopperfamily.com...mary lou lord is playing machester at the end of may; i will be there and i'm hoping to ask her who the four kims are in his indie world (this has been a subject of far too much debate for far too long).... xrrf.blogspot.com (amongst many other sites) has information on the glastonbury nonsense. perhaps i'm just bitter becuase i didnt even try to get a ticket but grrrrr.... new pj harvey album out soon.... i'm very excited about seeing the butchies play in atlanta next week.... i'm still loving the wrens.... we've been discussing childhood rhymes and i remembered the rudest song in the world when i was about 6 was the one that went "bum, tit, tit, bum, tit, tit, play the willy banjo"

well trusted sources tell me you should try and see abner burnett "a prize purveyor of eccentric musica Americana, has a musical sweep that may at first seem baffling - he's made choral settings of Jack Kerouac poems and for many years played in a blues trio in his hometown of Odessa, Texas - but the eclecticism is unified by a singular wit and intelligence. The new album Sal Si Puedes is a defining moment and his strongest collection of original songs to date. Abner Burnett has now retired from his law practice and owns a farm in Mexico that sells trees, ornamental shrubbery and medicinal herbs."

Tour dates
Wed April 28 – 12 Bar Club, 22-23 Denmark Street, London.
Sun May 2 – Jumpin’ Hot Club, Live Theatre, Broad Chare, Quayside, Newcastle.
Mon May 3 – Britons Protection, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester.
Tue May 4 – Ceol Castle, Balsall Heath, Birmingham.
Wed May 5 – The Valley, Valley Road, Scarborough.
Fri May 7 - The Sun Inn, Knowles Street, Stockton.
Sun May 9 – The Blue Lamp, 121 Gallowgate, Aberdeen.
Mon May 10 - Tron Foyer Bar, 63 Trongate, Glasgow.
Wed May 12 - Smiddy Bar, Main Road, Lewiston, Drumnadrochit.
Thursday, May 13 – Market Bar, Church Street, Inverness.
Friday, May 14 – Applecross Inn, Shore Street, Applecross.


i like when people laugh at me 

1 i thought soda fountains were like real fountains. of fizzy pop. and you held your cup out to catch a drink
2 i was surprsied to learn lake pontchatrain is a place. i've hear it in various folk songs and thought it was the lake pontcha train
3 we lost a game of pool becuase i potted the black really early
4 i want to buy an auto harp and have been looking in pawn shops. not porn shops, although they made sound similar when i say them

just got back from playing pool with daisy and jeff. last time i saw daisy was in champaign and i had a similarly good time playing pool there too; i'm rubbish but getting better. and its fun. does anyone wanna start playing with me when i get home?

new orleans is the prettiest city i've been to so far; i just love the architecture, and the streets have evocative names like music, desire and annunciation. it's also incredibly laid back; even the busy parts of town seem to amble along. I like this a lot. however, it also seems the most politically apathetic place i've been so far - not even a few token flyers - but perhaps i've not been here long enough to notice. and on the plus side, got to love a place so devoted to drinking and tunes. my favourite buskers were a ramshackle group with washboards and bass made out of old cans; they were playing clash songs like they really meant them. without getting all post modernism for idiots its a shame so many places have to have historic written on them in bold type and that there are so many slogans abounding with authenticity and the real essence of new orleans. that essence to me seems to be hugely friendly and very open. its totally cool, although if i was here in high summer i suspect i'd disagree.


always on my mind 

I'm going to memphis tomorrow, primarily becuase i want to see graceland. I suspect its going to be a very emotional experience for me because my love of elvis is intrinsically linked to memories of my mother.

i don't know if its being away from home or saturn returning or simply having time to let my mind drift but i've been thinking about her a lot recently, wishing i knew more about her. perhaps its just a part of the spiritual journey i feel i am on at the moment.

memory plays cruel tricks sometimes; i struggle to remember her voice and if i try to picture her its always static and cold like a photograph. i'm not going to idolise her; she was very troubled; and only now am i starting to go some way to empathising with the problems she had; I used to demonize her a little i think, remembering the bad times and sure we had those. i was 14 when she died and struggling with those universal teenage issues of saving the world, getting a snog and being as misunderstood as possible.

i didnt see my parents as people. i didnt understand agoraphobia. and i didn't realise that people you love, with their idiosyncrasies and secrets and wisdom and affection, i didn't appreciate the people who have always been there for you can sometimes just vanish.

Yes, i coped very well with the loss and got on with life and certainly don't dwell on things. i'm so lucky is so many ways and i love being me. But sometimes i miss having a mother figure, sometimes i miss my mother. Sometimes i think I haven't remembered enough or honoured her fully. Its only recently, with all the hospital shit i've been through, that i've appreciated the courage and love she displayed for her children and started to realise its healthy to have a sense of history.

Some of my fondest memories of her are of the days we would listen to her old records, she loved music and this is one of the greatest gifts she gave to me (although i recall her telling me pop would cause me nothing but trouble) Her favourite records were by Elvis; we would sing and dance and i would catch a glimpse of her happy and untroubled.

She never saw Graceland. I hope a little piece of her spirit will see it through me and be glad.


n'awlins days 

It's my last night in new orleans; once again i have that bittersweet feelings about moving on; sad to be leaving somewhere so amazing but also excited about my next destination. Daisy made a delicious artichoke dip for tea and we're about to go out to a cool looking local bar. They are dog friendly so susie can come to; i'm delighted to be sharing her first time in a licensed premises. I'll be very sorry to say farethewell to daisy and her menagerie. I really miss animals. I do hope marie and eddy don't think i'm joking about the goats.

i'm rather appalled at myself for not blogging more whilst here; i have 24 hour email access so really no excuse....except that i've been out *doing* things. it's so pretty and friendly here, the kind of place i've been sucking up inspiration and storing for future use. I've been a bit lax with my journal, but most days i have written something, usually whilst sat drinking coffee or soaking up the sun by the banks of the mississippi. Its daft that i'm so cross at myself for not doing more - i'm on holiday for goodness sake - and i love writing, i write for all kinds of reasons and this is really just a way to focus myself - but it seems wrong to fritter away this wonderful opportunity in front of a computer screen. and i'm not wasting anymore blog time on lame apologies.


Sunday, April 04, 2004

the night is a starry dawn 

Daisy just gave me a bunch of mardi gras beads which i have promised to wear when i play a gig (note when, not if, although i don't know how yet - been writing lots of songs and feeling very frustrated at my indie ineptitude) She chose them from her special secret stash because they will suit me - surprisingly they are glittery pink and shiny. when she put them round my neck she said something about how its been surprisingly good having a housemate and i totally agree, i've loved staying here, but i'm quietly amazed how wonderful it's been and how soundly i've slept in a big heap with daisy and susie and annie and bruce. I love n'awlins.we are having gumbo for tea tomorrow.

today we had a special daisy cooked meal of coconut rice, spicy tofu, roasted chickpeas and notyoghurt sauce. It was very very good, especially the rice (I am a rice geek; this was fantastic creamy arborio goodness) Right now we are drinking gin and tonic and listening to blue which is one of my favourite albums ever; i've spent most of my adult life trying to write a song a millionth as good as case of you or blue or the last time i saw Richard - especially the last one - its a really fucking great record. please go and listen to it.

Thanks to daisy i now have a comment function on my blog - please let me know what you think, but please remember those comments will be public.

I am also slowly trying to figure out html so I can include links to interesting things. at the moment its just the urls i can remember or have emails from - obviously my book marks are miles away - so please don't be offended if i have not linked to summat i should. ideas are very welcome (although i'm not drunk enough to respond to daisy's suggestion for a "people we fancy" section. actaually, daisy just said this was me, not her. shes probably right, i'm trying to cover my tracks)

One happy day the colours (sadly i just wrote colors first) will be of my choosing instead of blogger standard. watch out for what daisy just termed "gaudy morag nonsense' At some point soon.

I use too many brackets and dashes and not enough capital letters. plus i need to spellcheck more. this i know, and thus theseare not valid comments.


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