Tuesday, April 20, 2004

mass emails 

i really hate sending them, and now its really hard to do so, yahoo has some anti spam stuff that means an email to everyone in an address book can't be done. this got sent back from a lot of people as well so in case anyone didnt get it i dont want you feeling left out, although on reflection maybe i should be more careful about telling the world i've been hallucinating

dear friends

please forgive me sending another joint email, i hope
you understand given the circumstances.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their sweet words
and thoughts and deeds and let you know that i'm ok.
theres no lasting damage except a small scar on my
forehead; when i got my Stitches put i went top the
wrong hospital and freaked a little. the nurse
instisted on taking me to dinner on her day off so i
could see the real south. nothing is all bad; i'm
learning a lot and so happy to be here.

Theres a tiredness deep in my bones now but apart from
that i'm fine I made my pilgrimage to graceland and
sun and stax; it all seemed a little unreal, feelings
enhanced by painkillers which have left me somewhat
woozy but I'm sure elvis would not want it any other

the drugs have been giving me interesting visions; i
had a sensastion of falling and then bouncing like on
a giant trampoline. when i looked down i was
surrounded by a circle of people; some of them i knew
others seemed familiar but i had never seen them
before. they were holding red ribbons, everyones
ribbons were woven together in beautiful patterns;
this is what was holding me up and i knew that these
ribbons were love and dreams and positive energy made
manifest and this what there is and why even miles
from everyone and everywhere i love i have never felt
alone; there's a huge web of love and
interconnectedness in the universe and its all about
people, not god or fate but us and it all will be ok.
maybe this is nonsense but its comforting to me and it
feels like a truth and i wanted to share it.

and you are good people and i love you. thanks so

i'm going to boston now (every cloud etc; i'm not
scared about flying for once) and on the 19th i'll be
in new york. I'll try and blog some experiences; been
writing a lot becuase it helps but i promise not to
plauge your inboxes with any more visions. twang is at
www.twangorama.blogspot.com. even if i dont get a
chance to reply for a bit i'm so glad to hear from
you. sorry if i've rambled or spelt badly (how long
can i blame the drugs for my ramblings?)

much love and peace
morag xx


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