Sunday, April 04, 2004

the night is a starry dawn 

Daisy just gave me a bunch of mardi gras beads which i have promised to wear when i play a gig (note when, not if, although i don't know how yet - been writing lots of songs and feeling very frustrated at my indie ineptitude) She chose them from her special secret stash because they will suit me - surprisingly they are glittery pink and shiny. when she put them round my neck she said something about how its been surprisingly good having a housemate and i totally agree, i've loved staying here, but i'm quietly amazed how wonderful it's been and how soundly i've slept in a big heap with daisy and susie and annie and bruce. I love n'awlins.we are having gumbo for tea tomorrow.

today we had a special daisy cooked meal of coconut rice, spicy tofu, roasted chickpeas and notyoghurt sauce. It was very very good, especially the rice (I am a rice geek; this was fantastic creamy arborio goodness) Right now we are drinking gin and tonic and listening to blue which is one of my favourite albums ever; i've spent most of my adult life trying to write a song a millionth as good as case of you or blue or the last time i saw Richard - especially the last one - its a really fucking great record. please go and listen to it.

Thanks to daisy i now have a comment function on my blog - please let me know what you think, but please remember those comments will be public.

I am also slowly trying to figure out html so I can include links to interesting things. at the moment its just the urls i can remember or have emails from - obviously my book marks are miles away - so please don't be offended if i have not linked to summat i should. ideas are very welcome (although i'm not drunk enough to respond to daisy's suggestion for a "people we fancy" section. actaually, daisy just said this was me, not her. shes probably right, i'm trying to cover my tracks)

One happy day the colours (sadly i just wrote colors first) will be of my choosing instead of blogger standard. watch out for what daisy just termed "gaudy morag nonsense' At some point soon.

I use too many brackets and dashes and not enough capital letters. plus i need to spellcheck more. this i know, and thus theseare not valid comments.


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