Tuesday, April 06, 2004

just got back from playing pool with daisy and jeff. last time i saw daisy was in champaign and i had a similarly good time playing pool there too; i'm rubbish but getting better. and its fun. does anyone wanna start playing with me when i get home?

new orleans is the prettiest city i've been to so far; i just love the architecture, and the streets have evocative names like music, desire and annunciation. it's also incredibly laid back; even the busy parts of town seem to amble along. I like this a lot. however, it also seems the most politically apathetic place i've been so far - not even a few token flyers - but perhaps i've not been here long enough to notice. and on the plus side, got to love a place so devoted to drinking and tunes. my favourite buskers were a ramshackle group with washboards and bass made out of old cans; they were playing clash songs like they really meant them. without getting all post modernism for idiots its a shame so many places have to have historic written on them in bold type and that there are so many slogans abounding with authenticity and the real essence of new orleans. that essence to me seems to be hugely friendly and very open. its totally cool, although if i was here in high summer i suspect i'd disagree.


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