Saturday, April 10, 2004

so i've made it to memphis. i have a tiredness deep in my bones and i'm aching like fuck. but i made it to memphis.

i will write more soon. theres a really friendly internet cafe right by the hotel; i'm here now but i wont stay long becuase i just bumped into an english guy called mike who i met on the bus to t or c and then later in austin - he's been in florida and we sat and chatted for a while which has left me exhausted. but it was great to see a familar face - he said he recognised my coat and thought "it can't be" but it was and i'm glad he stopped to say hi. i dont think he was expecting quite as much drama from me as he got!

yesterday was a low. i saw the train. but i got the bus. and i made it to memphis. i'm going to go to the store, gather supllies and head back to my room. i'm at the sleep in at court square, memphis if anyone needs me.

thank you to everyone who has called or mailed or done kind things. i really do appreciate it; even when things have been shit i have never felt alone or unloved. i'm just hoping one day i can find enough ways to demonstrate this to y'all.

i'm sorry i had to send a mass email again, but i hope you understand in the circumstances.

i dont know what will be open tomorrow - and i have to go to get my stitches taken out - so if i dont get to say it before HAPPY EASTER. i'm going to treat myself to the biggest chocolate egg ever.

much love

morag xx


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