Tuesday, April 20, 2004

cliches ahoy 

so many of them turn out to be true. like how the worst times bring out the best in people.

and the things you hear about the south. in jackson the hotel buffet included fried tomatoes, fried okra, fried yam, fried catfish and friend chops. and pulled yardbird is a legitimate pizza topping. i'm so grateful that mashed potatoes are a universal comfort food

jesus is everywhere, literally. even the ER crew kept telling me how blessed i am; i wasn't in the mood for theological discussions and curiously it was quite comforting in a strange way to start with, then it started to make me feel slightly akward, the way its seeped into everything and the christian hegemony is just accepted and it's supposed everyone will agree.

southern friendliness and hospitality; thats another cliche that was proved right too. for example, the nurse who took my stitches out insisted on taking me out to dinner on her day off and giving me on a tour of places in memphis that i wouldn't normally get to see. We visited a little village that was the scene of a lot of civil war drama (erm. i'll add the name when it comes back to me) and then had mexican food with her cousin and friend. extraordinarily kind and a lot of fun too.


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