Wednesday, April 07, 2004

really me this time, alive and well. 

hiya, as some of you know i was on the train from new orleans to memphis which was derailed. horrible, scary time,and strangely ironic given all my recent jubilations about my trip and the joys of the american public transport system. oh, and my blogging about how we should all enjoy life because we never know when its about to be turned (quite literally) upside down.

anyhow, i'm fine. i got out ok. it could have been so much worse; we had just passed over the not very welcoming big black river and were crossing a swamp but luckily the train fell the other way and we fell onto an embankment. It all happened so fast; i had been thinking how vivid and luscious the mississippi woods are how how crap the movie in the lounge car was; i was sriting notes on my hand and thinking about dinner when there was a juddering then a rumbkling and i flew across the lounge, landing on the ceiling. we couldnt get out; some guys managed to get a window out and helped me down, i hurt but knew it was not so serious so helped some lost kids and distributed water and calmed down some lost japenese ladies; then people kept hollering me becuase my head was bleeding. eventually i wound up strapped to a board on the tracks; this was when it got scary, it was getting dark and suddenly i was helpless, couldnt move but i knew the pain levels were less intense than when i broke my arm so i just had to hold on. listened and watched and held on before a very bumpy truck and then ambuslance ride; emergency room people were very sweet and lovely. a big yay for all emergency people

i've got some stiches on my forhead - will have another lovely scar to show - and a bust lip. my front tooth is wobbling but i'm trying to ignore it. i ache like fuck everywhere, but especially my lower back and knees and i have the most amazing bruise collection. and i'm slightly hyper now, probably due to the drug cocktail i've been given.

but the most important and wonderful thing is i'm alive and i'm going to be ok. dont know whats happening with my trip - but goddam i'm going to graceland and then there will be the best birthday party ever in nyc. i need to celebrate. i guess all the technical stuff will flow tomorrow; amtrak got us a hotel and food but their communication has not been great. I told them i would give them my plans tomorrow; i need time and sleep and rest. the shock has not really sunk in yet.

i'll blog some more details to save inboxes; shit i really wanted a quiet trip this time. apparently i was on the news, lots of people have been checking on me becuase they saw pictures and i guess the blood looked pretty dramatic. i am such a media whore (although i have turned down interview requests)

daisy just got here from new orleans - it was so wonderful to see her, and not just becuase she bought the essentials: clean clothes, tea bags, alchohol and chocolate. a friend indeed. i must thank her, and also kellie who sent the previous email on my behalf. stars the both of them. and thanks to all who have emailed me. many people have been very sweet; again the worst really does bring out the best in people.

just to reiterate: i'm a little battered and bruised but i'm going to be fine.

much love
morag xx


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