Tuesday, April 06, 2004

n'awlins days 

It's my last night in new orleans; once again i have that bittersweet feelings about moving on; sad to be leaving somewhere so amazing but also excited about my next destination. Daisy made a delicious artichoke dip for tea and we're about to go out to a cool looking local bar. They are dog friendly so susie can come to; i'm delighted to be sharing her first time in a licensed premises. I'll be very sorry to say farethewell to daisy and her menagerie. I really miss animals. I do hope marie and eddy don't think i'm joking about the goats.

i'm rather appalled at myself for not blogging more whilst here; i have 24 hour email access so really no excuse....except that i've been out *doing* things. it's so pretty and friendly here, the kind of place i've been sucking up inspiration and storing for future use. I've been a bit lax with my journal, but most days i have written something, usually whilst sat drinking coffee or soaking up the sun by the banks of the mississippi. Its daft that i'm so cross at myself for not doing more - i'm on holiday for goodness sake - and i love writing, i write for all kinds of reasons and this is really just a way to focus myself - but it seems wrong to fritter away this wonderful opportunity in front of a computer screen. and i'm not wasting anymore blog time on lame apologies.


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