Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chris Mills and Festival Fun 

Dear friends

apologies for cross posting but i'm really excited and want to invite everyone to the party. Plus I'm somewhat befuddled by technology....

I'm delighted to present a really special gig as a pre-festival un psychogeographic but very splendid treat. NYCs finest Chris Mills plays the Britons Protection this Friday, 23rd May, 8pm. Support comes from the wonderful Liam Dullegan and Case Hardin... that's three top notch artists for just £5 AND there will of course be cake.

The 28th May heralds the start of Manchesters Second Accidental International Festival of Psychogeography, curated by The LRM.

For a month we will be invading The Royal Exchange and spaces all over Manchester to cause a spectacle, have fun, tell stories, redraw maps, ignite debates, go for walks, uncover treasure and loiter with intent to make Manchester wonderful.

Attached is a printable version of our programme, we're working on getting a readable version online, it will appear on our new website www.nowhere-fest.blogspot.com and in the meantime you can get in touch by emailing loiterSQUIGGLEAThepzombie.co.uk, calling 07974929589 or you can find us on facebook or myspace/the_lrm.

I really hope to see you Friday and if not very soon indeed - there's some ace treats coming up

Glittery love



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