Saturday, January 05, 2008

epiphany derive this sunday 

The 2nd Annual Manchester Epiphany Games*

This year 12th Night falls on first Sunday and so the LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) will be taking to the streets of Manchester for urban exploration and subversive silliness.

January 6th is a day for revelations, celebrations, divinations, profane wisdom, divine tomfoolery, starstruck pilgrimage… and a stroll in convivial company

We warmly welcome all to join us as we banish those hungoverdrawn post yuletide blues and

O Connect the birthday dots linking Joan of Arc to Syd Barrett (2 major and marvelous LRM inspirations)
O Spot the difference between 3 wise men and a bacchanalian feast of fools
O Hunt for hidden treasure – somewhere beneath the sky lurks a perpetual motion machine; what will you discover?

We’ll be meeting 2pm this Sunday (January 6th) at the café in John Rylands Library on Deansgate. If you’re new to the game, need more information or feeling lost look for the short lass with pink hair or call the LRM hotline

Please pass the invitation on and forgive any cross or inappropriate posting, we are having some difficulties traversing cyberspace at the moment

Glittery love and slightly belated wishes for a wonderful new year

The LRM xx

*last year we discovered magi in Manchester , turned the world upside down in the Medieval fashion and bewitched traffic with faery power.


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