Friday, June 01, 2007

this sundays derive and basement news 

hello, becuase its first sunday its psychogeography time again - this months derive will be about, erm, dunno actually but will probably involve pianos and fire. we're meeting 2pm in cafe pop, all wlecome, if you're late or lost please call 07974929589 afterwards we'll be at burn baby burn, the festival in stevenson square.

if you don't fancy a walk and the ear to the ground music festival in stevenson square some friends are launching a (very excellent) record label thingummie with an event at the contact theatre all afternoon - highly recommended, although of course i'd rather you were with us

and tomorrow all the cool kids will be here.... its another cut and paste job i'm afraid so apologies for cross posting

love morag x


WORKDAY from 12 noon, saturday 2nd june at the basement

sadly the basement social centre is going to be shut for 4ish months
due to the state of the building above us. We need to get everything
out as soon as possible...

we urgently need:
O cars and vans to help transport stuff
O places to store things (attics, cellars, spare rooms etc)
O people to help pack and move
O boxes!!!

if you can help with any of the above please call the basement mobile
email mustsocial@... or pop down to 24 lever street on
saturday afternoon and get stuck in

over the summer we will also need help fundraising and plotting to
make sure our phoenix like resurrection is truly splendid.... watch
out for details....

love and industrial packing tape

the basement collective

*******please forward shamelessly to anyone who might be able to


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