Saturday, March 03, 2007

psychogeogrpahy NOW (well, this sunday) 

Morning all!

It’s first Sunday this weekend and thus time for more psychogeographical adventures.

We’ll be meeting 2pm Sunday 4th March downstairs in the cornerhouse on Oxford Road

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a loiterer, urban explorer, materialist, expert, fabulous creature, dreamer, flaneur, poet, history buff, situationist, mischief maker etc etc…… or if you just fancy an afternoon stroll in convivial company

According to my diary it will be the 75th anniversary of the London Suffragettes walking single file through Knightsbridge smashing all windows they passed to protest against government inaction. Inspiring stuff and I’ve just been reading this fascinating report
http://www.notbored.org/suffragettes.html linking their struggle to the development of our dearly
beloved modern panoptican.

On the same day in 1912 the winner of a competition to design Canberra was announced
http://www.idealcity.org.au/competition-1.html and I for one would love to have heard how the judges ruled if an entrant ‘suggested grandeur’ and ‘symbolised a national capital’

Its also the 125th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Spivak, anarchist and antimilitarist who worked with Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman and co-founded the Libertarian Book Club in New York in 1927.

Mmmmm. Hammers. Cameras. Architectural feuds. Anarchy. Books. And the daffodils are out! I’m
putting my faith in the derive being as wonderful and delightfully surprising as ever.

I really hope to see you Sunday, if you’re running late or get lost or just want a natter about the direction you’d like us to head in please email me to get the magic number to

Love and freedom

Morag x

PS You might also be interested in this: Animal Rights Tour of Manchester.
Saturday 10th March 12 noon Meet at the Basement Contact 07809293370


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