Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i am a noticeboard. notice me. 

a couple of friends are organising some good stuff this week and i wanted to spread the word....

alex boredinthecity has called a derive to celebrate the vernal equinox. Meet 6.30 at the basement this wednesday 21 march for some fantastic esoteric witchery

details of the themes has materialised as ever on the map message board and boredinthecity (eyes left for the links)

PLUS some special musical thrills...

the very ace redlands palamino co are playing a special FREE gig at the bowling green pub, grafton street (off oxford road by the MRI) this saturday 24
march. expect some whiskey flavoured shenanigans afterwards

this is meant to be a music blog innit? hmmmm. anyhow hope you can make it, spring is sprunging and it feels like time for fun


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