Monday, October 24, 2005

tired of the rock n roll lifestyle 

it's been a crazy busy couple of weeks but now i find myself back in eastbourne pondering how nothing and everything changes; sometimes i think i measure my life in the gaps away from here. am staying at hazels becuase i had to get down and see nan who is still in hopital. its not good. she has always been the sprightliest person i know but yesterday she told me she didnt want to get out of bed ever becuase thats where accidents happen. i dont know what to do. even her voice has changed; the tone and timbre are not heres and she wouldn't let me hold her hand. am going to take a binch of treats in for her today and look through some old photos but then i have to go home and i know it will break my heart.

erm.... on the other side i'm meeting up with a dobro player. and there's going to be a night of ubergeekiness thursday: some girls are bigger than others. horribly trivial but seductive.


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