Thursday, October 13, 2005


The best thing about psychogeography is of course that it enables me to pretend my love of aimless wandering around town is an artistic and political statement.

I’m trying to break my habit of picking up interesting detritus I spy lying around, I have way too much stuff; its suffocating and will not come in useful one day. However, sometimes the urge is too strong. This week I could not resist the minature oriental toy knife, still its packet. I immediately passed it on to j the drummer who i thought would appreciate it so that hardly counts. There was also half an envelope. On one side someone has written
Knowing that curiosity killed the cat was the last point of concern. It was 30 months ago

On the other it says
There is no problem with any of it. I am long past the point where there are esoteric consequences present

I also had a random encounter with crazyness; it was more amusing than disturbing but nimby that i am i wish it hadn't happened on my street. It was Sunday afternoon, sunny and quiet, i was on my way to the cinema and a slightly shifty looking geezer in trackie bottoms shuffles up to me

him: excuse me, do you know where there's a toilet i can use?
me: the pub on the corner
him: where's that then?
me: (trying not to engage too much but not wanting to be rude) over there (i point, even though its clearly visible and he just walked past it)
him: will they let me in?
me: yes, i'm sure they will.

i start to walk away purposefully and then he sidles up to me so i aim to cross the road and he taps my arm and says "it's all very embarrassing this, very embarrassing, you see i'm wearing a nappy and plastic pants"

he drops his trousers to show me. I take maries advice and instead of telling him to f off i keep a staright face and dignified silence as i cross the road to get away. I watch him in my peripheral vision as he heads over to the pub where he ignores the path, clambours over the wall and appears to start crawling around

np: the gentle clank of a broken light.


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