Thursday, October 13, 2005

i'm lovin' it 

i spotted this supersized celebration on what feels like several million flyers all round town. I won't be partaking, although the clown in me would love to get mchappy...hope it's a blast.

14th- 16th october is mc d-day!!!

friday 14th october: 6pm an amazing critical mass..bring bikes..friends..music..drink..dress up..flags and banners..ronald costumes..
and whatever else you can think of to make it truly amazing... it will be ending in a bit of a knees up and a notdonalds burger cafe for all the cyclistas at a secret velorution location where we can all chill out afterwards and watch cool bike films and drool over beautiful bikes..

saturday 15th october: day of mischief against mc donalds.. to get
involved phone 07717645051 or email mcd_day@yahoo.co.uk

sunday 16th october: film screening at The Dancehouse, Oxford Rd, manchester 7.30 FREE


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