Monday, October 10, 2005

the hang was tip top 

I believe this is hip young American speak for ‘I had a very nice time, thank you’ and it must be said I have had a splendid week. The uncontested highlight is sure to become a legendary moment in manchester’s musical history*, yep, the first ever instore at Big Pink

The Havenots are, quite simply, gorgeous. Lovely melodies and a wistfulness that sends me to a mythical summer meadow full of yearning. Chris Mills and band were awesome; his last manc show was an acoustic solo set of heart wrenching beauty that moved me to tears; on Saturday it was all caffeine fuelled fun and pure power pop joy...hooray for scissor kicks...yeah, his vocals were a little poorly but context is all and it was simply awesome.

Mills puts so much soul into his shows that he was reduced to communicating by paper, pen and erm whistling and interpretive mime for the rest of the weekend, but clearly the man is some kind of performance autobot and conserving volume pays dividends: flick a switch, turn the spotlight and kaboom! A musical treat is guaranteed.

The show is touring now and I heartily implore you to go see them. I’m off to leeds tonight and it’s the star and garter tomorrow.(actually got to catch a train in about 30 mins, hence the mad rush and poor grammar of this surreptitious at desk post)

*hmmm. Manc musical heritage….the free trade hall is a hotel, the hacienda is yuppie flats and there’s a smiths musical appearing at the lowry…


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