Thursday, October 06, 2005

dragon manchester october news 

Dragon matters to me because i believe change has to happen on many different levels and spiritual transformation is as valid as smashing up a macdonalds, and probably a more powerful force for change.

I'll doubtless return to this subject but for now here is our latest news update


The last Dragon meeting was small but inspiring and we decided we’d
like to get outside and do something practical to celebrate the glorious
autumn colours

We will be meeting at 2.30 on Sunday 17 October at the Platt Lane
entrance to Platt Fields Park.

This was identified as somewhere special in the city that needs a bit
of loving attention. The plan is to tidy a patch of the park – please
bring gloves, bin bags, appropriate plants etc – and then those that wish can
also do some healing work. Doubtless we will retire for refreshments

Email me for the contact number in case of terrible weather or if you can’t find us

The next elemental workshop is penciled in for 7pm November 15th at The
Basement, more details to follow. The topic is fire so perhaps we
should go outside for that too? Any suggestions welcome…. I’m also attaching
details of an interesting lecture series on Mysticism and Transpersonal
Psychology at MMU

Please pass this email on to anyone else who may be interested and
accept my apologies (and let me know) if you’ve received it in error. For more
information on Dragon and eco-magic see www.dragonnetwork.org

Love and peace
Morag x


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