Tuesday, September 27, 2005

np: these elusive dreams 

my new ad, as mentioned below. possibly too many words but i didn't want to waste anyone's time. and it's written in my favourite font, moms typewriter, on top of a charming Don McPhee photo of some salford lads dressed as cowboys


fancy making some sweet, scary, f*cked up lo-fi countryish noises?

kindreds and collaborators wanted to help manifest the sounds in my head.

a few of my favourite things: the handsome family, psychogeography, richard buckner, social justice, the pastels, huggy bear, tea, trains, chaos, magick, nancy and lee, mischief, trees, syd barrett, de/regeneration, the seaside, belle and sebastian, patti smith, daniel johnston, kazoos, chris mills, sarah records, haberdashery, serendipity and oooh loads of stuff

passion is more important than virtuosity and spirit beats good
taste every time


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