Thursday, September 29, 2005

happy geek alert 

it's in the city which always makes me feel cynical and alienated about music so here as a tonic are my top five albums of the year so far

chris mills - the wall to wall sessions
elbow - leaders of the free world
riloh kiley - more adventurous
arcade fire - funeral
stars - set yourself on fire

reviews doubtless to follow... i've had a lack of money and time for exploration plus there's been a tallulah gosh inspired indiepop revival in my heart so its felt like a bit of a lack lustre year for new music thus far. i was getting fearful i may be slipping into jaded seen it all before muso boredom, but of course there's still treasure aplenty... i hope i never loose the thrill of seeking out and hearing something magical and new for the first time (or, rather, may i never stop being threatened and jealous of people who know things i don't. cheers, no.3!)

got to go and get ready for our agm now. i'm in a suit and marie accosted me in the kitchen so blimey its smart shoes and almost coordination too. wish me luck!


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