Tuesday, September 27, 2005

clue: 5 is the heavenly option 

quiz time.

why have i got pink hair?

1 i've fallen in love with autumn and wanted a suitable plumage prior to hibernating over the winter
2 it's to graphically demonstrate my hypocrisy, striving to live a low impact and hemhem chemical free life and then making myself look as far from natural as possible
3 it's a way of gaining control over my body, having been a bit poorly recently (gosh, carrying a stick brings out a belligerence i didn't know i possessed)
4 i want to come up with the perfect retort to people asking me if its dyed (you wouldn't believe how many have done so)
5 all the above, in hindsight, but actually i just loved the colour and thought it would be cool. not everything has to be psychoanlysed to death you know.

did i mention i'm aiming to post every day for a while? its about self discipline and a need to get over my crippling nervousness about sharing writing.


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