Wednesday, June 02, 2004

i like you 

I got home 3 weeks ago yesterday; america feels further than 21 days away but also very close. I met so many inspiring people and saw some amazing things....I've been waiting for a post holiday crash, but thus far it hasn't happened, truth be told i feel deliciously happy and quite delirious with possibilities.

highlights since i got back:
week one. sleeping. that's pretty much all i did. Oh, and drink belated birthday kava. Then i slept even more

week two. wandered around grinning a lot. perhaps its delayed adolescence but i have such a crush on life and i've even fallen back in love with manchester. i could hear piccadilly gardens calling me like a siren. I was going to say its beautiful but that isn't strictly true. if you sit with yer back to the horrible wall and watch the world go by it is quite captivating. i haven't had a chance to talk to everyone i want to yet but i have had some fun - and now i'm trying to detox.

I went to a helpyerselfmanchester gig at the britons protection, some amazing electronica and the music made my hands tingle, which was curious and lovely. can anyone explain how this can happen? i want to make music that makes people tingle. Oh! and i saw morrissey which requires a proper review; suffice to say it was a triumph and i cried during every day is like sunday

week 3. I've been in eastbourne. Nan is well and i think she's happy, but she's shrinking and her world is too; but i'm glad to be here and its always a treat to see her, its been far too long. I soothed my soul on the south downs way and sat on the beach with kitty which was a treat. she wanted to look for stones that looked like damaged hearts and then, inevitably, i took her to the pub. eastbourne is, as ever, beautiful and melancholic and fucked up and dying. there's been some rebranding going on - an attempt to attract trendy young clubbers - it seems to me woefully misguided. but what would i know. and the long man of wilmington has been given a sunflower to hold. i know its fer charidee but it makes me feel slightly queasy.

i'm about to embark on the epic train journey back to manc (8 bloody hours) because - oh joy! - i have to sign on tomorrow. I know i should look for a job but i'm being rather half hearted about it at the moment. I've got some really exciting creative ideas - I'm a little scared of jinxing them by saying too much - but i want to devote myself to them for a wee bit (probably until the rent is due)

i had planned to tell you about new york and lancaster and finally post some gig reviews but i've left my journal at home (i'm using my parents computer) i will post them sometime - i plan to keep on blogging but more about music and politics and mischief and stuff - but it will be erratic because 105 isn't online - actually i have a favour to ask some kid soul out there in the ether: can i come round and use your computer for a couple of afternoons so that i can format twang and thus get the damn thing out? it's all written and everything i just need to make it look good...print it out...proof read it...and then the damn thing printed. I'd be ever so grateful. pretty please with a cherry on top. anyone? i'll bake you cake. and erm give you a stack of twangs

i have an irresistable urge to go dancing. if anyone wants to join me, please holler


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