Thursday, March 25, 2004

just to let you know i'm all alive and well, currently in san antonio which is very pretty and spanish and threatening in the peculiar 'don't mess with texas' way they have here, the civil war really wasnt so long ago. I'm going to new orleans tomorrow on the 6.00am train; i'm assuming communication from there will be easier, and this being ostensibly a music blog i shall post my sxsw reviews. I've been enjoying 3 nights in a private room with a comfy bed and tv (tv!tv!tv!) but its kind of spoiled today by the manager being an arse and not letting me get breakfast until he saw my id; i left and cried for a bit becuase i suspect it was due to the way i look today; the rash i had has come back with a vengence, my face really hurts and is all scabby and sore. I'm going to give in and see a doctor for some serious drugs. anyhow, i may not feel quite as glamourous as usual but its not stopping me enjoying myslef, i'm about to go for a long walk along the river and then buy a new bag (oh how exciting..greyhound broke my trusty old rucksack. grrr) I just got the 5min warning call, so as ever i'm in rush to say far thee well - love m x


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