Monday, March 29, 2004

high on life 

i'm in new orleans, at daisy's house, and i'm having a fabulous time. today we went to the swamps at tickfaw (not as i just called it pickshaw) it was eerie but yet another kind of beautiful. we saw wild turkeys and snakes and lizards and bright orange caterpillars. crickets and frogs were singing loudly and susie (daisy's supercute puppy) was totally adorable. we also saw strange people hugging in the road, and slaughterhouses and lots of churches and we took a wrong turn into an rv park and got shouted at for driving too fast ar 10mph

we've just spent a couple of hours laughing and drinking white wine and getting stoned and talking nonsense; its probably quite dangerous to be near a computer, as we;ve just been discussing what dogs think of their tails.

my heart is bursting with love for life and in particular the bsn family, which is funny because for mostly technoligical reasons i've not even been a lurker for the past year or so; when i do check in there's tons of people i don't know but i met so many good friends that way; all that shit about the internet being dangerous and full of psychos... its about free speech and crossing boundaries.

another great thing about the internet: we can talk about people we have crushes on and then google for pictures (maybe that sounds sinister when i put it like that, but it isnt; not everyone appears but most people i know do) daisy is going to teach me to flirt (easy to say when i'm on this side of the ocean) we are also planning trips to museums that rhyme. oh, and beer bottles here have jackets on them. its great to be with such a good friend; theres a kind of relaxed you cant be around strangers.

tomorrow i get to go to the dermatologist and sort out some boring stuff. I'll post my sxsw reviews and stuff too; i'll be near a computer for the next couple of days so its a good time to write me (hint hint)

take care y'all
love morag xx


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