Thursday, March 04, 2004

deep breath and go..... 15 minutes to spew days of wonder and magic and (surprise!) romantic disillusionments. I'm in Flagstaff, its almost unbearably cute in a small town, pictire postcard way and so friendly i keep waiting for the monsters to appear. I'm having some transport issues - all my smug car avoidance has come crashing round my head, i really want to get to sedona but the bus only runs when enough people want to get on it. i suspect its for the best and i'd get riled by new age shysters - they always avoid the messy bits of magick and life. I am going to the grand canyon tomorrow, can't wait, but i fear i'm going to be a spaz and forgoe the hike i am yearning for; my body really dosent feel good at the moment although my heart and soul are better than ever and if theres one thing i've learnt in recent years it's to listen to my body and my instincts. so i'll be going and sitting and writing and dreaming - not so bad, really. I've also found out the train from austin to new orleans takes 5 days and goes via chicago (!) so i may have to fly, whatever my plans are jiggling a bit but i need to get a grip soon or things cost so much more.

If daisy and sarah (US vegan one) are reading this, please can you call me on 303 345 7302 or email me with your phone numbers because i want to make sure your around when i hit town and my email time is really limited here (i am still in love with everyone that takes the time to write though - thank you so much. If anyone has any books that they would recommend i'd really appreciate suggestions, the great thing about 24 hour trains and no work is catching up on literature and right now i am craving good stories)

my last couple of days in san fran were fantastic, i went on a ridiculous and beautiful day trip to yosemite (where i remebered why i hate organised tours, people were so bloody whingey about faciliites and weather and all - they didnt seem to notice the too beautiful for words waterfalls and mountains and wildlife. i saw a coyote and some deer; they are one of my totem animals i think and i struggled not to cry at the beauty of it all) I also saw the oscars at beckys house which was hilarious - red wine, nice frocks, wonderful company - really a good time. Whilst feeling ill i found myself missing tv which was a bit of a shock, nothing specific just a need to veg. I am really missing radio 4, and the gaurdian, but its also refrshing to opt out of politics for a bit. Not that you can. I was talking to people yesterday about palns for fake snow in the mountains nearby so they can become a beougious ski resort. Its the place where the Navajo belive the Kachinkas live, plus theres been a drought here for years and this would take a lot of water, but it seems money beats faith and tradition anyday. I'm getting my fire back and i'm hoping hermitiing and truth or consequences will help me to focus that in some way. 30 seconds left so no time to spell check again; its my typing not my spelling, honest.


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