Saturday, February 07, 2004

Wednesday 28th January 

I followed the geese to the zoo, I seem to be set on doing things I don’t usually do at the moment, it was melancholy in that peculiar zoological way. I fear I’m turning into some sub-Morrisseque cliché, wandering around all these places out of season on my own. Hell, I’ve even been wearing shades, Kellie said I would need them for the snow glare but I resisted for a while, until I realized I was hurting my head with too much squinting. Sometimes, when we’ve been driving fast I’ve put my scarf over my head and played at being in Thelma and Louise, because hey, that’s what my stay in Denver has been like. But without the guns. Or the snogging. Or the driving off cliffs. Please shoot me if I carry on like this when I get home.


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