Sunday, February 22, 2004

Twang: it's hipper than hiphop 

I'm still in San Francisco, all well and good (but wearing a very fetching powerpuff girls elastoplast on my face due to some nasty allergy rash thing) Tomorrow I'm taking a day to get organised, I'm trying to organise a trip to the grand canyon -off season and with no car I'm also hoping to take a train to Yosemite or to see the Redwoods; there's so many man made attractions and distractions and I really want to see the natural wonders of the states too.. I also need some time to assimilate all thats happened here: its an amazing city, full of energy and erm spunk (US and UK versions of the word) I'm feeling old and straight and boring but also enjoying the sensory overload. Today I'm going to a zine convention; doubtless this will make me feel deeply inadequate but hopefully also inspired. I checked into the Green Tortoise hostel (where many of my friends seem to have stayed) yesterday, becuase I wasnt feeling very well and I want to stay friends with rae. Theres a queue for the internet here so please forgive my very poor grammar and spelling, I just wanted to say hi and send you some love. My ickle brother was 27 yesterday (happy day after birthday adrian, I hope you're not feeling too rough) phoning home reminded me how much I miss y'all.


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