Saturday, February 07, 2004

Tuesday 2nd Feb (i need comdey subject lines) 

I absolbloodlylutely love tea, so when I found out you could tour the celestial seasonings factory I was delighted. I went to Boulder with Kellie and her parents, I believe they were impressed with the prodigious amount of tea I managed to drink. Well, there were over 70 plus types to sample, and it would surely be rude not to try as many as possible. Mmmmmmm.

The tour itself was kind of interesting, but with all the “inspiring” quotations, whimsical artwork and we really care for you and not just your money non marketing I kept getting horrid flashbacks to my time as a shoddy bopper. They even sold sodding baskets. And had a peppermint room with feelgood fumes. But really: it was a good day out. Now I need to put the kettle on.


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