Saturday, February 07, 2004

Thursday 5th 

I went back to the art museum, because I was overwhelmed last time and spent so long in the Native American galleries I didn’t see much else. The security guard who told me about kachinas recognised me and we had a long chat about various things. He told me about his friends having a buffalo ranch that I should visit and then we talked about New Mexico and he recommended a few places he felt were very spiritual, including Roswell which surprised me, it was interesting hearing about it from someone who lived there.

Afterwards I spent along time looking in the Pre-Columbian galleries. I’ve been trying to get my head round Mayan cosmology for a while, its fascinating, straight afterwards was Our lady of Guadeloupe and some suffering Christ’s and visions of hell; all the apocalypses made me dizzy.

Its an excellent gallery, although possibly my favourite place there is the bathroom; the taps play random voices singing bits of ‘row,row,row your boat’ which startled me at first but then I spent a very happy time trying to get them all to harmonize


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