Sunday, February 22, 2004

this weeks top 10 things to say when you hear an english accent..... 

1 You remind me of benny hill (at this point I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or punch the twat)
2 Do you have central heating in England?
3 Do you recognise me? I played Saxophone with Glenn Miller
4 I'm sorry to keep staring at your breasts, I have never seen an English woman with breasts before
5 You have an accent that can spill drinks
6 I think we can talk now, the Boston Tea Party was a long time ago
7 Do you like Limp Biskit?
8 I know who you remind me of, a young, female, attractive Leo Mckearn (sic)
9 Have you noticed that Tony Blair looks like an evil imp?
10 I want to send my daughter to stage school in London, which one should I pick?


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