Thursday, February 26, 2004

San Fran daze 

Sunday 15th
We went back to City Hall, Rae had the idea of collecting flowers to give to people; we had spoken to couples who had been together for many years and always wanted to get married; now they had a chance but no time to get organized; there was a fear legal action on Tuesday would put an end to everything. City Hall was thronged with people; we later heard 2000 couples were married on Sunday alone. Despite valiant efforts Erin and Rae could not get in to deliver their flowers so we just milled around talking to people in the queue which was pretty magical; so much positivity in the air, I could almost believe in all those romantic myths. There had been a few protestors over the road but they left when it started raining, so I guess they weren’t so outraged after all. The local politics here is really interesting; Matt Gonzalez (failed Mayoral candidate) has a lot of groupies; I can’t think of a UK analogy for a politician seen as hip and sexy and trustworthy and well loved. Hmmm. I’m getting cynical. Its been suggested Mayor Newsomes move in allowing gay marriages is less brave than it may seem – after all gay rights in SF is hardly controversial – and it means a lot of people will overlook the way he ignores the poor. Plus it’s bringing a lot of money into the city which has a massive deficit…

Monday 16th
I went to San Jose to meet Becky, who is every bit as wonderful as I imagined. I got to see her library and then we drove down the coast to Natural Bridges, it was a little chilly on the beach but nowt compared to eastbourne at Christmas, and whole lot prettier. We had dinner in Becky’s favourite restaurant, called DishDash and it really was scrummy
I’ll fill in the blanks later; it’s been pouring with rain here and its stopped for a bit so I want to get back to the hostel. I’ve been on a ridiculous odessey to get train tickets to Flagstaff; I really want to see the Grand Canyon but this is not a place kind to non drivers. I’ve also got a few other chores to do, and an endless mound of paper to sort out (surprise) Take care.


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