Saturday, February 07, 2004

my last day in denver 

Its been a really quiet and beautiful three weeks, chilled out (urgh that phrase again) I’ve been sleeping and eating a lot and Kellie has been fantastic, even if I have picked up her habit of saying Dude a lot. It doesn’t work in my accent, believe me.

In return I’ve been teaching her English insults, knobcheese has proved particularly popular. (Random fact: Kellie is ace at comedy voices. And she knows more about British history than anyone I’ve ever met)

I’ve not been to see any bands yet, what’s strange is I’ve not felt the urge. I’ve not really been listening to much music either, I discovered the scan button on the car radio and it’s marvelous. (yes, I know these aren’t new, but they are to a luddite like me. Please bare in mind I got a dansette last year when all around me were getting ipods) I’ve discovered that at any given point in time, some station somewhere is always playing Simon and Garfunkel.

I have no idea if anyone is reading this, i suspect not really, but if so its pretty much always going to come in splurges depending on my mood and my internet access. I've been writing off line so I'll just post things by day in clumps like this I suppose


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