Thursday, February 26, 2004

good times are comin 

So right now I’m in a coffee shop in San Francisco, my head is buzzing and I’m trying to keep focused on writing. Weirdly, they are playing Matt Bianco records. Disappointingly, the sound of hipster San Fran appears to be Portishead and The Cure; nothing wrong with either of course, but not what I expected to hear. I’m learning to love this dirty (in every sense) city, although it’s taken a while; its probably the most overwhelming place I’ve been to, but I’ve found a space now and I’m enjoying it. Last week I really didn’t feel very well, my feet were hurting and I’ve been a bit ill, but still there were some fantastic moments. I’m still sporting a pretty nasty rash – although its getting better – if its not gone by South by South West I’m getting a balaclava and forming a band called Zapatista Rocks.

I arrived Feb 14th (the dreaded valentines day; funny how it niggles me when I know how rubbish it all is) Rae met me at the station with some flowers for my hair; a pretty wonderful way to arrive and it has been great spending time with her. She lives in the Mission, according to books this is “the hippest and grungiest” of the cities neighbourhoods; a pretty good description. It’s a fascinating place with some of the most fantastic murals and street art I’ve ever seen/ Lots of undercurrents are bubbling up here; so many interesting people and inspiring art, it would be easy to get happily lost for weeks here.

Anyhow, as soon as we dumped my bags we headed off to Reclaim the Streets; Nothing beats dancing in the streets and I had a wonderful time, although there was a pirate theme; I felt curiously underdressed which is novel for me. There’s some pictures somewhere, I’ll add a link later, also some information about why Safeways are being picketed.

I’m assuming the gay marriage ceremonies have made the news in the UK; I tagged along when rae and Erin went to city hall to see what was happening. (they look so cute together, dammit and I want a new hat…) I was slightly apprehensive because I’m not exactly in love with weddings and I worried about being voyeuristic, but I was so glad I went. So many people, so happy, so much (excuse me) love in the house. We stood listening to people making their vows, clapping and cheering and grinning a lot, I felt privileged to be there, it was truly amazing, it’s hard to see how it can bring about the end of civilization


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