Saturday, February 07, 2004

A friday five  

Anonymity isn’t working, as Kellie said I open my mouth and suddenly people feel compelled to say dumb things to me. The most intelligent random conversation I had was at Taos pueblo by a shopkeeper who wanted to know about Britains position on the Euro. Thus I present Friday Five of responses to an English accent

1 England! Oh my God! I just saw Calendar Girls; its amazing over there isn’t it?

2 Have you seen that movie? The Jane Austen one with the sisters I love that film about England, and the guy in it, you must know him. that other one, with lots of people in it, it has the same guy With horrible inevitability she then starts asking about Hugh Grant and I have to leave before I start crying

3 Am I on Candid Camera?

4 I just love your country. I once spent 6 months on an exchange visit to Dorking

5 England! The Beatles! Oh my God! You guys have the best music, I mean The Beatles! Manchester! Manchester is so cool, you got the Beatles, the animals, the kinks, talking heads So what? You got the Beatles! What job do you do? You must be in a band, you look like it and hey, you know all about music. And you got The Beatles.

I just realised my dates and days don't tally. bugger


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