Saturday, February 07, 2004

Friday 30th 

One of the highlights of Santa Fe for me, other than the sheer breathtaking beauty of the surrounding scenery, was the international museum of folk out. There’s a huge wing devoted to a guy (dammit, I forgot his name, I’ll edit this later and put it in) who had a passion for collecting Stuff. People on the tour were tutting about how he got cloth from skips and picked up dolls wherever he went, but I felt a great deal of empathy. 105ers take note: if only I was a rich CEO of some massive company my treasures would be recognised as such.

There was also an exhibition on Outsider Art which I had especially wanted to see, I found myself frustrated at the way the guide kept stressing these people were compelled to create because they were ill; in that case almost everyone I know must need to be hospitalised (hmmmm) Surely the urge to create is a compulsion, and a good one, not a disease?

I also had concerns about the exploitation of some of the artists, I just feel hyper aware of that at the moment, I guess its because I’ve been reading so much about Native Americans. We’d just been to the Native American History Museum which was full of wonderful stories and terrible things.

After a myheadisexplodingfromtoomuchbeauty break we went to the Georgia O’Keefe house, which had been a key reason for visiting Santa Fe. It was shut.


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