Saturday, February 07, 2004

driving license 

I’ve been really enjoying time spent driving (or rather riding, because Kellie does all the work)

Out on the highway when there was no other cars in sight, the sun was blazing, we were racing through arid plains, Thunder Road came on the radio, I was singing along and it was truly A Moment. It’s impossible not to picture a million movies and get tangled up in some sort of fantasy… I want a motorbike, a bottle of whiskey and the open road…. I don’t ever want to get where I’m going because I’m enjoying the journey too much….It's so fucking big and so impossibly beautiful here sometimes, why the hell does anyone need to colonise anywhere else?…I find myself overwhelmed with possibilities, dazzled and breathless and my head spinning so fast I need to shut my eyes and click my heels three times, there's no place like home but hell it feels good to get away for a bit….


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