Saturday, February 07, 2004

comments and clarifications 

Cheers for the Hutton info, although I wish I hadn’t read it. Grim. With that and the education bill… We got really important stuff all the over the news here – mostly Janet Jackson’s breast.

Thank you to everybody who has emailed me, I’m horribly selfish because I love reading them and stealing your ideas but then I never manage to find time for the replies you deserve. But please keep emailing me… I do have a stash of postcards which I’ll write one day (probably on the 16 hour train ride from Portland to San Fran; I’m going by train because all the guide books told me it’s a fantastic ride with wonderful views. I’ve heard that before, and it was a lie then too. The only train runs at night so I’m expecting the view to be dim at best. As a connoisseur of countless guidebooks I conclude mostly they are rubbish.)

I’m flying to Seattle tomorrow, I spoke too soon about not being scared. Its been suggested perhaps I was so calm because I’d been on a bender for a while before leaving manc. Hmmmm…. I’m going to see The Handsome Family tonight, for a change (hooray) and it’s a very early flight so hopefully I’ll be too knackered to think about anything much… I’m only going to be in Seattle for a couple of days, scarcely time to get a feel for a place so I think I’ll clumsily apply some psychogeography theory and see what happens, then I’ll be in Portland for a few more days before heading to San Francisco (with, of course, some flowers in my hair)

off now to go and see the handsome family. yay!


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