Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tuesday 20th January 

Went to the library and then to Denver Art Museum. I was surprised how much I liked the Frederic Remington exhibition, but I spent most of my time on the fourth floor, which I was surprised was called American Indian Art. Some truly beautiful artifacts but it still feels so wrong to see cradles and tepees in a museum. I want to learn more about Native Americans whilst I'm here, its been pretty interesting already to see the way they have been appropriated by the tourist industry and also the way their history is dealt with at places like Lookout Hill: reverential with a tinge of guilt.

I've been reading a really interesting book called Kabina: Commodified and Appropriated Images of Hopi Supernaturals (Pearlstone et al, UCLA 2002)

I shall be heeding Chief Smohalla of The Nez Perce who replied thus when asked why his tribe would not be forced into working: "men who work can not dream and wisdom comes in dreams"


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