Wednesday, January 28, 2004


not sure why. prolly too much coffee but i'm in a bordering on meaningless panic kind of mood. Its also probably becuase I just bought a plane ticket to seattle, and I'm about to buy a ticket for south by south west. the latter costs more than anything i have ever bought ever. but at least i'll have stories to tell about how i got broke.

anyhow i'm going to go to a pretty park in a minute to watch geese and squirrels, yes, that'll be nice and calming. the squirrels here are red and pug faced and much cuter than the scrawny grey critters in our back garden. Tonight we're driving to Santa Fe (woooooh-hooooh! road trip!) becuase kellie has some time off work and I feel drawn to new mexico. But first i'll witter along here a bit, because its not like theres that much inanity in cyber space, is there?


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