Wednesday, January 28, 2004

sunday 25th - tuesday 27th 

The Garden of the Gods is yet another amazing site; awesome red rocks, atraditional Native American meeting place, now of course a park full of gawping tourists like me. Took so many pictures which of course I'll be delighted to share...

from the sublime to something else, we stopped at a ghost town place where they had reconstructed various wild west scenes, complete with decrepid and somewhat spooky waxworks. I love me a scary doll or 6... They also had some ace old arcade machines. I couldn't hear what the fortune teller told me but I could see the peep shows alright - lots of Victorian ladies in bloomers doing press-ups. Life without TV, eh? I was disturbed how much i enjoyed the shooting range: my score makes me annie oakley so y'all better me nice to me now.

The jouney home was hampered by a totally unexpected snowstorm, it took about 3 hours getting home (going it was 45 minutes) thats my excuse for staying in on monday. and i think that means i'm up to date now, yes? Oh, except yesterday afternoon. I went to the History museum to see the diaroamas, they were created during the depression as a job creation scheme for artists. Some of them are fantastic. They also have a creepy exhibit based on a trunk of stuff that a dead girls parents kept from the early 1900s and some huegly depressing accounts of miners strikers and Native American massacres. I felt sorry for the curator who cornered me on the way out to tell me i'd stayed a very long time (2 hours) I said it was because I like to read and really enjoyed the diaramas: she sighed and asked me to bring friends along. It occured to me then the place was practically empty, excpet for a very loud couple.


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