Wednesday, January 28, 2004

sat 24th 

back into the mountians, still there, still snow capped and beautiful and still can't think of adequate words. The air feels very crisp and fresh, its very disconcerting when you look down on denver and see the brown haze covering the city.

We stopped off at Lookout Hill to see Buffalo Bill's grave. the museum there is kind of cute, quite interesting and less jingoistic than i feared. In the absence of children i had to play on everything, of course. They have a life size fibre glass horse which I mounted oh so elegantly to try my hand at lassooing the accompanying model calf. Rather cleverly, and showing great imagination, I managed instead to attach myself to the light fittings and I'll be buggered I could not get the lassoe down. yeeee-hah.
the highlight of the visit for me was the special display of cowboy boots, including my favourite: nancy sinatras. and yes, they were made for walking (sorry.) although guven the heel on them I suspect she wasnt much help down on the ranch either.

afterwards we explored the mountains some more and drove through lots of beautiful places with cute or amusing names (including *the* south park) and found a great brewpub in frisco where i had my first proper drink of the visit (cue muted applause at my wholesomeness) Its just a shame all the buffalo were hiding from us. On the journey home i hurt my neck i spent so long transixed by stars before the light pollution of town kicked in


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