Tuesday, January 27, 2004

playing catch up #1 

my fist day here was pretty much spent sleeping. a lot. and lounging around reading punk planet; Kellie has a stash. I've probably raved about it before but its a great magazine, probably my favourite and well worth seeking out.

On Saturday 17th we drove up into the Rockies, it was awesomely beautiful, I don't even think I dare try to put it into words, can't think what to say without descending into cliche. I was delighted to get close to a herd of elk, they were loitering by the roadside, waiting to cross at a time designed to hold up as much traffic as possible. I took some ace photos; convinced they should be an album cover. I also started to wish, for the first time ever, that i knew how to drive. I met Kellies parents on the way back; her mom is a total sweetheart. We discussed English sitcoms and CAMRA; Colorado is the brewpub capital of the states apparently; something I look forward to discovering more about. I'd like to dispell a few of my beliefs about American beer!


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