Tuesday, January 27, 2004

more than a million miles away 

I just wanted to thank everybody who came to my party; it was a wonderful night although I don’t remember all of it…. A large cheer and some leftover booze to Mr. Matt Hill; the Quiet Loner album will be out one lucky day and I strongly recommend buying it and going to some shows. More information at www.quietloner.com; I think there’s an email list you can join.

I’m slightly shamefaced about the lack of twang; I’m so postmodern I like to launch invisible products. I actually feel pretty bad about this; I shan’t bore you with the technical issues but its all trapped inside my computer, I’ll prolly post a few highlights here and hope everyone that worked so hard doesn’t hate me. I promise it’ll happen one day; specifically when I get back to Manc and have no job or money and lots of time to fill.


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