Tuesday, January 27, 2004

having a snow ball 

It was -8 in Denver yesterday; I was planning on whingeing about it but then Marie told me its -9 in Whalley Range, although I got to make snowballs. yay! When I went out it was icy and frankly I was scared to cross roads; there were a lot of SUVs skidding about in a menacing manner so I took it as a sign to stay in and keep warm and erm learn more about american culture.

I had planned to cosy down and catch up on my blog but I got distracted, mostly by the televanagalists who exercise a kind of morbid fascination over me; quite bewitching, but don't fear: they can't touch my pagan soul. (Freudian typo #1: I originally wrote exorcise)

I've been even more slovenly about posting than I realised; I was going to say sorry, but I'm on holiday and I've had better things to do; plus its unlikely the minutiae of my life are that thrilling to anyone.

Denver is a really beautiful place and very chilled out (Urgh. Don't like that phrase, but its so apt) I'm staying at Kellie's apartment and she has been wonderful and wonderfully tolerant of my geeky astonishment and dumb questions (most of which arise from my total lack of Spanish) As well as being great company, and endlessly helpful, she even bought me some proper tea bags and fixed me up with a cell phone.

I've been spending a lot of time wandering about, daydreaming and absorbing the wonderful colours - the light here is amazing - collecting things to read and drinking too much coffee. Words that spring to mind are 'mooching; and 'pottering' so basically not much different from home. But with better burrittos and no rain.


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