Wednesday, January 28, 2004

friday 23rd 

proving myself to be a hypocrite on oh so many levels today we went to the great western stockshow. I just felt I had to really.... It was full of cowboys and scary children and animals waiting to be sold and very many trade stands. It was fascinating, and oddly depressing too. I somehow aquired a stack of stickers imploring me to eat buff (no of course i havent) and I managed to scare people in the petting zoo. My love for goats has not been diminished; indeed the prospect of rescue goats living in 105 is one of the most compelling reasons I have for coming back.

anyhow, a kid comes up to me and says 'why do you have water in your ring? whats that shiny stuff?' I told him some gubbins about how its magic and it stops me feeling homesick when i'm a long way away (i'd just been through the classic 'where you from? do you know the queen? routine) and his mum says to him 'why don't you ask the lady where she's from, junior?' so the inevtiable occurs yet again and then he says 'and why do you have a cat with clothes on your shirt? he's playing guitar, why you got that?' so i say 'thats why i'm in america, i'm looking for singing cats, i heard you got them all over the place, do you know where I might find one? the goat told me theres some around here?' at this point mom starts walking backwards, away from me.

we saw some horse show shennanigans, tbh they were a little boring and one cow looks much the same to me, i wouldnt want to fight with any of them, and i'm sorry to say there was no muttonbusting action but i understand the kids where lots of protective clothing anyhow so its not as marvellous as i suspected. and i thought better of watching the rodeo; more than i can take. we went to eat salad instead (note to everyone who told me about it: yes, at sweet tomatoes. yes, its fanbloodytastic)


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