Wednesday, January 28, 2004

cultural difference #398 

Sometimes I think people are way too reverential about art and I love to hear people discussing what they see (the reader brings meaning to the text blah blah blah) I also think a lot of people are reticent to visit galleries and museums because of (understandable) class issues and fear of being stupid. Well, I'm common and stupid and I love tramping around such places and its great when people are moved by them and they don't have to be so goddam quiet. Its not a church. But why, in America, are such places always full of screeching and screaming and hollering and moaning that bares no relationship to the setting at all? and there is always, always a man of a certain age holding court to anyone who will listen (and he's loud, so thats everybody) saying what he likes but mostly what he doesn't like about whats on show.

see you after santa fe


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