Monday, December 29, 2003

a smattering of muted applause 

Hello. so. finally, i'm getting to grips with the modern world (still a luddite at heart mind, and I make no promises about how often i get near enough to a computer to update this thungummie)

i'm hoping this blog will save me having to burden friends inboxes with joint emails whilst i'm on my travels; y'all can see what i'm up to here and then write to me privately (or shake your head sadly and pretend not to see, depending on taste)

I’m going to try and write something everyday, even if it won't get published immdediately: I think the discipline will do me good. almost certainly erronously, i'm hoping this will replace all the random bits of paper i seem to be constantly struggling with....

Its also someplace to put ideas and essays that don’t fit into twang. Twang is my zine. Depending on when you ask its tagline is either ‘music, passion and no kind of lifestyle’ or ‘putting the cunt into country’. I've no doubt I'll embarrass myself frequently, and not just with my appalling garmmar, but I guess its far too late for me to worry about that.


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