Monday, December 29, 2003

seeing other people, specifically oscar 

Twang is a transatlantic collective, or at least that’s my grand plan. I want to print things written by my talented and amazing on so many levels friends. Unfortunately – and I hang my head in shame here – it’s been more of a benign dictatorship sullied by hitherto undreamt of levels of indie incompetence. I forgot what zines are meant to be: immediate, passionate and accessible. I got consumed by self consciousness and my quest for the perfect font (and of course I returned to moms typewriter anyway)

Heartfelt thanks and love and respect to everyone who has given their time and energy, especially my cowriters: Anne, Becky, Caledonia, Claire, Kitty, Rae and Simon and photographers Kellie, Sara and Shawndra. Miscellanous support and inspiration was gratefully received from Doris, Eddy, Heena, Lara, Marie, Matt Hill and Rachel Ravey.

Please don’t hate me. Its all ready to roll now, as soon as I can get my printer to work; Hell, I’ve even done a lino print for the cover. If it’s not ready by the 10th then I really will be a total twat


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