Saturday, March 01, 2008

Get Lost in Manchester with the LRM this Summer 

The LRM are delighted to announce Manchester’s second international psychogeography festival this May and June – and we’d like you to get involved….

We need loiterers and urban explorers, artists of all kinds, walkers, talkers, map makers, historians, situationists, space invaders, dreamers, mischief makers and more – anyone who is interested in looking at Manchester in a different way is welcome to join us.

We are planning a programme of events including visual art and urban interventions so we’re looking for people who want to create a spectacle, lead an exploration, go for a wander, play a game, make art, start a debate or have fun getting lost in the city.

Please come with us on our mission to remap Manchester. Our city is for more than shopping; we want to take psychogeography onto the streets and have some fun. Help us reclaim Manchester for those who love the place and want to loiter here.

The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is an open collective of artists and activists who can’t really agree on what psychogeography means but we like DIY maps and plants growing out of the side of buildings. Gentrification makes us sad but we believe our city is wonderful. We’ve been involved in various shenanigans and every first Sunday of the month we go for some sort of walk.

The Royal Exchange Theatre will be hosting our exhibition from 26th May – 28th June and there will be miscellaneous activities across the city. The LRM have some (limited) resources and practical support to help you make your idea a reality. The festival is affiliated to the TRIP (Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives) conference to be held at Manchester Metropolitan University from 19th – 22nd June 2008. See http://www.trip2008.wordpress.com for more details.

To get involved please email loiter@hepzombie.co.uk or contact The LRM on 07974929589 as soon as possible and definitely before April 1st.

PS If you’re curious about the LRM or just fancy a natter and a stroll please join us for our March derive, we’ll be meeting at 2pm downstairs at Café Pop, Oldham Street on Sunday 2nd March. It would be splendid to see you! xx

Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested and accept our apologies for any cross posting


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