Saturday, January 13, 2007


a game based around a sonic exploration of mancunia
courtesy of our friend Bob from Glue in leeds. this is
what he says:

"we'll be exploring the soundscape rather than the
landscape using random numbers and getting people to
think about their aural environments"

we'll be meeting at the basement 24 lever street 6pm
this tuesday 16th january. email morangopop@gmail.com
or call morag for more details

this is my excited noise in anticipation:


Friday, January 05, 2007

Psychogeography Now: Update and Epiphany Derive 

Where are you? Manchester’s accidental international psychogeography festival has been extended until January 16th and The Loiterers Resistance Movement (LRM) are delighted to invite you to some extra special events:

An Epiphany Derive – meet 3.30 sharpish at The Basement this Saturday January 6th

We will be playing a game to celebrate the 12th night. Wrap up warm – we’ll be playing out – The day was once known as Medieval Saturnalia The Feast of Fools and our theme will be revelations….No more clues, but bonus points will be awarded for treasure and sightings of wise men.

The Festival Finale will be a Soundscape Experiment with our comrade Bob from GLUE in Leeds – details are to be confirmed but provisionally it will be the evening of January 16th so please try and keep that date free.

The art exhibition will be continuing at The Basement 24 Lever Street until the 16th so come along and browse our treasury of maps ranging from practical and political tools to personal cartographic fantasies. Please feel free add your own art to the wall; the exhibition has evolved greatly since the opening night but its core remains the great stuff from 56a

If you wish to keep up to date with psychogeographical events in Manchester our good friends at The Bored in the City Collective have an email list with regular updates when there is something worth sharing – to join please email boredinthecity@hotmail.co.uk

I also heartily recommend the MAP website, the forum of which has recently been resuscitated, http://map.twentythree.us/index.html and of course there are usually lo-fi paper flyers The Basement

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the festival so far and helped make it all so magickal. I really hope you will be able to join us on Saturday; apologies for the short notice but I always did value spontaneity over organisation (and I still don’t have a computer)

May you always be lost in wonder and never in wal-mart

Glittery Love
Morag x

PS The Loiterers Resistance Movement would like to propose regular expeditions ions after the festival is over; its been such fun and we’ve met many wonderful people. I suggest meeting every first Sunday of the month at different venues – what do you think? Please let me know.


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